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Lilac Company S/S '18 "Earth Now Future" Collection Look Book

Lilac's S/S 18 collection: Earth, Now, Future

We find ourselves at a turning point between the past and the future. Without a sustainable approach, tomorrow won't parallel the fascination of the past.

In the beginning, untouched horizons of green populated all corners of the planet, paving the way for future admiration.

Lilac Water TeeWe've derived enjoyment, fascination, and leisure from the planet's resources.

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At this turning point, we remind ourselves of the importance of not merely moving forward but how we move forward. Destruction or sustainability? Current growth or long-term survivability?

Without a consciousness for today's actions, tomorrow's reality will not parallel the past's natural plentitude.

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Lilac's S/S 18 collection: Earth, Now, Future retells this chronology. Through diverse pieces highlighting the eponymous three stages of the tale, the collection draws from different aspects of nature's influence on human life and brings to light a conscientious step forward into the Earth of the future.
Part 1: Available Now
Part 2: Releasing July 5th 2018 11am est
Part 3: July 8th 2018 11am est 
Photographer: Pedro Damasceno
Model: Caroline Krystoff
Words by: Pedro Damasceno

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