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With its "Something Light" project, Lilac Company aimed to question artistic collaboration by forging a virtual partnership between Hip-Hop Artist Young M.A. and French cognac house, Hennessy.
Lilac Company identified what should be an organic collaboration between the artist and the cognac maker, reached out to both parties, and pitched the idea that Hennessy release a bottle called Headphanie. When neither party responded, Lilac brought the imagined collaboration to life, creating the now infamous Headphanie label.
To celebrate the launch of Headphanie, Lilac hosted a pop-up installation at a space in Fort Lauderdale Florida and threw an official party to celebrate the very unofficial Headphanie-Hennessy collaboration, a party which boasted the Hennessy trademark on windows and walls.
Lilac then convinced local, independent liquor stores to carry the doctored Hennessy bottles, pitching them art instead of alcohol. They said they could drive a lot of biz to their stores if they come by and switch the labels on some bottles.
Predictably, the Lilac Company’s “collaborative” bottles flew off the shelves and found their way onto social media profiles where pictures and videos posted by Headphanie buyers quickly went viral, being featured on celebrity news sites like TMZ, World Star UPROXX, The Fader, XXL, Oxygen, and Bossip, among many others.
 While Lilac Company did not financially profit from the project, the story of the “fake” collaboration became a scandal on the internet, which took off with its own version of the events and its own spin on the intentions of the artists, which only worked to inspire Lilac Company on to its next project, "?"
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